Ali Khalaj

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Full Stack Developer

Iran (Tehran)
Last update: May 2020

One of my habit is everyday reading news about technology, software and all related topics and i believe in self study because nowaday you can find everything on internet and i spend many times for learning everyday or doing some projects for myself and practicing.
One of my important ethics is i do NOT work for someone or company ! but also i love work and do tasks and improve our skills and help company or business TOGETHER!
Because i don't like SLAVERY system, i like work together with cooperation and do all works as well as we can.
So if you are a recruiter or HR person and looking for a person to hire and everyday just order me and put me in prison that you call company please DO NOT contact me thank you.
I don't limit myselft, in every situation if there is a chance to doing software projects that helps humans i really eager.