Master of science

Industrial Management

Sep 2016 - Sep 2018

I graducated in Sience and Research Azad University and this major helps me in desicion making a lot and also helping in solve algorithms better and my thesis was: Provice a decision support system to reduce warranty cost and improve quality of parts.

Bachelor of science

Software Engineering

Sep 2011 - Sep 2015

I graducated in Karaj Azad University and i really happy that choosing software major but in university only teaches theory things but my thesis was: Create a seucre login system with hash algorithms with Asp.Net

MFT Certificate


Aug 2012 - Sep 2013

I learned a lot in MFT such as SQL Server, C#, Asp.Net, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript.

Nikamooz Certificate


May 2019 - Feb 2020

I learned working with MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra,SQL Server Polybase and many No SQL databases in NikAmooz Institude.